Red/Infrared Light Therapy

Red / Infrared Light Therapy uses light to treat skin, muscle tissue and other parts of your body.  While you can see red light, but can’t see infrared light, your body can feel both in the form of heat.

Red Light Therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy, photobiomodulation (PBM), and low-power laser therapy (LPLT).

When your skin is exposed to the laser or red light, mitochondria in your cells soak it up and make more energy.  Mitochondria are often called the ‘power generators’ of your cells. The goal is to help your cells repair themselves, and become healthier.

Red light therapy doesn’t hurt or burn the skin, and uses very low levels of heat. Unlike the light used in tanning booths, your skin is not exposed to UV rays that be damaging.

Ask your Ultimate Sports therapist if Red / Infrared light therapy could be an important addition to your overall therapeutic regimen and how it might help in your journey to health and recovery.

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From the start, they took a very dedicated holistic approach to monitor and address my rehabilitation. They were concerned and focused to get me back on my feet as soon as possible to do more than the regular daily lifestyle requires, enabling me to resume active sports. This place really has it all…. and are willing to go above and beyond to help exceed expectations.