Strength Training

Increase Your Strength, Improve Your Performance

At Ultimate Sports each strength training session is unique to your specific needs and goals.  We believe in using proven methods to educate and strengthen while decreasing the risk of injury.

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or someone looking to enhance their everyday workout, our trainers are ready to help you improve your performance and become a stronger you. Talk with a trainer today to see what strength training can do for your athletic performance and overall health.

5 Star Rated

I was extremely impressed with my visit here. I had a hip injury from powerlifting and all my needs were addressed. I am a student and so did not want to waste my money or time anywhere that wasn’t going to help me. … I felt they were in my best interest. And that they were not just trying to get money out of me, which has been my experiences other physical therapists. They were genuine. It was very appreciated!