Cryotherapy / Game Ready

Get Your Freeze On

When heavy conditioning, long hours of practice, and the stress and pain of injuries take their toll on your body, you need Game Ready cryotherapy.  Game Ready is the global leader when it comes to active compression and cold therapy for healing injuries and your body’s recovery. 

Game Ready uses the same flexible garment technology developed by NASA to control body temperatures in space. Ice Therapy and Compression Therapy are combined and easy to use in a single device.

Ice water is rapidly circulated through the wrap coupled with compression to provide a better therapy for musculoskeletal injuries. Game Ready can help relieve symptoms from pain and swelling, and stimulates the natural healing of tissues. This can actually speed up your recovery.  

If you are an avid gym goer, an athlete in training, a physical therapy patient looking to supplement sessions, or someone who suffers from chronic pain, schedule a session and see what Cryotherapy can do for you today!

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You won’t find a more knowledgeable helpful staff anywhere. Dr. Pat will get you better and back to competition.