Strength Speed, and Agility Training

Ultimate Sports Performance and Rehabilitation is offering training team packages. Teams will train in one hour blocks 2 or 3 days per week for one month intervals. Athletes will be tested in various categories on the first day of training and retested at two months. Each training session will consist of a warm up, speed/agility and strength component. Training groups will be billed out at $80 per hour. Each group can have up to 8 athletes. Simply divide the number of athletes you have in your group by $80 and that will be each individuals cost. With a group of 8 an hour of training will equal $10 per athlete. To make registration less complicated we ask that each group designate a manager to collect information and work with us. We understand that teams will have tournaments or games during the winter season. If your ENTIRE GROUP misses training due to a team function we will reschedule or give you credit for classes missed. We need a minimum of 48 hours notice from your group manager or credit will not be given. We WILL NOT be able to give credit for individuals that miss training classes. We are interested in training dedicated athletes who want results. We expect athletes to attend the majority of training sessions. Our trainer is very focused on teaching proper form and progressing exercises each session. Not only will your athlete get stronger and faster but they will learn proper workout form and technique which they can use for the rest of their lives. Training times are available Monday – Sunday. Teams will be signed up on a first come first serve basis.


Spencer Herzog is certified with ISSA (International Sports Science Association). He has been involved in training youth athletes in strength and sport specific skills for the past 4 years.

Spencer’s cell number is (801) 916-9993